Surrendering Your Pet

Surrendering your pet is one of the hardest decisions to make. We appreciate you entrusting ACS as a resource to help you during this difficult time. ACS is dedicated to helping pet parents keep pets in their home by providing resources. If you want resources to help you through a tough time, please email us at the link below.

Contact ACS for Resources Resources for Rehoming My Pet

At ACS, we also understand that life may give you lemons – and there are situations beyond your control that will require you to rehome your pet. If you are looking to rehome your pet by surrendering it to ACS, please fill out our surrender request form.

Surrender Request Form

ACS generally has a long waiting list of pets that are in need. Since ACS is not an open admissions shelter, it may take be several weeks before we can accept your pet. We are only able to assist when space and resources are available. We can not guarantee that by filling out our surrender request form that ACS will be able to accept your pet.

Surrender Fees

Because ACS is a private nonprofit agency, ACS charges a small admissions fee for surrendered pets. This fee helps cover the basic daily cost of care and any medical needs your pet may experience while waiting for a new home. It costs ACS approximately $400 to provide care for each animal that comes to us, so we welcome any donation you are able to make in addition to the admissions fee.

  • If the pet is not altered or up to date on vaccinations the surrender fee will be $150.
  • If the pet is altered and up to date on vaccinations the surrender fee will be $50. (Please note veterinarian records are required at the of surrendering your pet).