Animal Care Society has over three decades experience of finding loving and permanent homes for our furry friends. We firmly believe living with a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. ACS’s hope that each animal in our facility will find a permanent, healthy, and loving home that suits both the animal and the adopting family. We work hard to ensure that the animal being adopted is the puur-fect fit for you, your family, and the pet.

To adopt from ACS, you must:

  • Submit an adoption application. This application must be reviewed and approved by ACS staff prior to adoption.
  • Provide a valid picture ID (State ID or Driver’s License) at the time of the adoption.
  • ACS requires everyone who lives in the prospective adopter’s home (family members, roommates, etc.) to meet prior to adoption.
  • If adopting a dog, ACS requires a meet and greet at the shelter with any dog you currently own or that the adopted dog will visit with frequently.
  • ACS will verify home ownership. If you rent, you will be required to provide your landlord’s contact information or a rental agreement showing you are allowed to have pets.

ACS reserves the right to deny an adoption, at our discretion.

Once you have submitted an application (online or in person) we encourage you to come into the shelter to visit the pet you are interested in adopting. ACS often receives more than one application on a particular animal. An adoption application does not reserve the animal for you. If an animal has multiple approved applications, and all potential adopters have met the animal, the adopter whose application was received first shall be approved for adoption. Staff will recommend other animals with similar qualities/personalities to the other approved adopter(s).

Click Here to Fill Out An Adoption Application

Adoption Fees

ACS requires that an adoption fee be paid at the time of adoption. This adoption fee helps ACS ensure each animal is cared for while also supporting our mission and animals who are still waiting for homes. The cost for ACS to care for our animals prior to adoption almost always exceeds an animal’s adoption fee.

Our adoption fees are designed to ensure that we are able to provide necessary care for all of our animals — especially those who need more time and care before they’re available for adoption.

While adoption fees may vary from animal to animal, and we recommend you look at the animal’s biography page for their specific adoption fee, below is a rough guideline on our fees.


  • Less than 6 months of age: $130 (plus tax)
  • 6 months to 8 years of age: $70 (plus tax)
  • 8 years of age and older: $40 (plus tax)


  • Less than 6 months of age: $310 (plus tax)
  • 6 months to 8 years of age: $260 (plus tax)
  • 8 years of age and older: $160 (plus tax)

Why Adopt from ACS?

Welcoming a new cat or dog into your home is a big decision! We are honored that you have chosen ACS to help bring unlimited amounts of joy to you and your family. ACS is an organization that truly believes in the human and animal bond. We strive to provide the best possible care to all our animals prior to adoption so they can begin their new start happy and healthy! Here are a few reasons why you should adopt from us.

Adopt One. Open a kennel to save another!

As a no-kill shelter, ACS provides second chances to Kentucky animals in need. Most of our animals come from our community members who aren’t able to care for their pets anymore or are at an overcrowded shelter and at risk for euthanasia. ACS has limited space and when you adopt from ACS, you open the doors for an animal in need to have a second chance.

ACS provides high quality medical care. All of our dogs & cats are fully vetted at the time of adoption.

  • All dogs and cats will be spayed or neutered prior to going home after adoption.
  • All animals receive age-appropriate vaccinations. If you are adopting a pet under the age of 18 weeks, you may be required to provide additional booster vaccinations.
  • All animals will have received a one-year rabies vaccination.
  • All animals receive complete deworming, heartworm testing (canine), FIV & FeLV testing (felines), and monthly preventatives while in our care.
  • Each animal is microchipped and the pet is registered for free at the time of adoption.
  • All animals will go home with a transitional bag of food and starter kit!

Our support doesn’t stop once you adopt! ACS staff will be there to answer any questions you have regarding transitioning a pet into your home. We are here to ensure that adopting from us is successful!